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Origins of the Commemorative Bell

This bell was donated by Chinese Buddhists to mourn the victims of the Great Kanto Earthquake.
When the sad news of the terrible earthquake was reported in China, Buddhist memorial services were held in the Shokenji Temple in West Lake, Hangzhou and Jade Buddha Temple in Markham Road, Shanghai, and Japanese people in China were invited to visit and pray.
After the memorial services at each temple, it was declared that a “Commemorative Bell will be cast to send to the devastated area in Japan and by ringing this bell over many years, and through the blessing of the sound of the bell, people will be relieved of suffering in the afterlife".
The bell was cast in China, and transported from Hangzhou to the construction site of the hall, in Yokoamicho Park, on November 1, 1925 through Shanghai and Yokohama.
The belfry that houses the bell at its current location was completed on August 31, 1930, and a “Bell Ringing Ceremony” was held on October 1 of the same year.
We would like to mention the special efforts made by Mr. Yiting Wang of Shanghai, in the completion of these projects.