Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture

①Ota-juku Post Town on the Nakasendo Highway
(Nakasendo ota-Juku)

The Nakasendo was an important in land route linking Edo (modern day Tokyo) and Kyoto during the Edo period (1603-1867). Ota-juku prospered as the fifty-first post town from Edo along the highway.

①Nakasendo Highway
 Ota-juku Post Town 
1km 10min. by walk

Secondary Inn for Dignitaries (Waki-honjin) - Hayashi Family Residence
(Kyu Ota Wakihonjin Hayashike Jutaku)

The Hayashi Family Residence was the second best inn in Ota-juku. It was authorized by the government for the reception and accommodation of high ranking travelers during the Edo Period. The building dates back to 1769. The original architecture and Edo Period ambience of this old inn has been well preserved, and it has even been designated as an Important Cultural Property of Japan.

Address: 3-3-34 Otahonmachi Minokamo City
Tel: 0574-28-1110 (Minokamo Cultural Forest)
Admission: Free Hours: 9:00 to 16:00
Closed: Mondays (If a holiday falls on a Monday, the facility will be closed on Tuesday)

Front Gate of the Main Inn for Dignitaries (Honjin)
(Kyu Ota-juku Honjin-mon)

In 1861, this gate was built in celebration of the marriage of Emperor Ninko's daughter, Princess Kazunomiya, to the 14th Shogun, Iemochi Tokugawa. Approximately 6 feet across and built in the Yakuimon style, this gate features a large gabbled roof that covers a 3 foot wide fence on both sides. It is a significant piece of architecture, which adds to the majestic appearance of this former inn.

Address:3-4-12 Otahonmachi Minokamo City
Tel: 0574-25-2111(Minokamo City Hall Industrial Promotion Division)

Old Komatsuya Rest House
(Kyu Komatsuya)

Built in the late Edo Period, Old Komatsuya was an inn used by travelers passing through Ota-juku. It now serves as a rest stop for tourists.

Address: 2-6 Otahonmachi Minokamo City
Tel: 0574-25-2111(Minokamo City Hall Industrial Promotion Division)
Admission: Free Hours: 8:30 to 17:00
Closed: Tuesdays (If a holiday falls on a Tuesday, the facility will be closed on Wednesday)

Yusen-ji Temple

This Buddhist temple belongs to the Rinzai sect. It contains monuments engraved with internationally renowned haiku written by Basho Matsuo, the most famous poet of the Edo Period, as well as waka poems composed by the famous author Shoyo Tsubouchi and Hakushu Kitahara, who is regarded as one of the most popular and important poets in modern Japanese literature.

Address: 2-3-14 Otahonmach Minokamo City
Tel: 0574-25-2364

Ruins of the Ancient River Crossing at Ota and Petrified Wood Park
(Ota-no Watashi-ato / Kasekirin Koen)

The partial flagstone floor of an ancient river crossing can be observed along the Nakasendo Highway in Ota-juku. In 1994, a tract of fossilized trees was discovered at the bottom of the Kiso River, and the area was developed into a park.

Address: 1 Mikado-cho Minokamo City
Tel: 0574-25-2111(Minokamo City Hall Industrial Promotion Division)

Otajuku Nakasendo Hall
(Ota-juku Nakasendo-kaikan)

The Nakasendo Hall should be your first stop when you explore Ota-juku. A full-scale model of Ota-juku during the Edo Period, exhibits, and films can be seen on a regular basis in the hall. There is also a rest area with food and beverages, and a display corner where you can buy local products.
Address: 3-3-31 Otahonmachi Minokamo city
(Located on the west side of Old Waki-honjin)
Tel: 0574-23-2200 Admission : Free Hours: 9:00 to 17:00
Closed: Mondays(If a holiday falls on a Monday, the following Tuesday
is closed.)Year-end and New Year holidays.
Website: kaikan.ootajuku.net/


Minokamo Historical and Cultural Sites

The complex network of land routes and waterways of the Kiso and Hida Rivers formed the foundation of economic wealth for Minokamo, advanced domestic cultural exchange, and created Minokamo's unique history and culture.
②Mt. Tengu (Kobi Region)
4km 10min. by car

③Zuirin-ji Temple
5km 10min. by car

④Shogen-ji Temple
8km 20min. by car

⑤Ryouan-ji Temple
8.5km 20min. by car

⑥Koyama Kannon Temple
4.5km 15min. by car

●Showa Period Village Theme Park
4km 10min. by car

②Mt. Tengu (long-nosed goblin) in Kobi Region
(Kobi-no Tengusan)

A multitude of Tengu statues are enshrined as messengers of the gods at Aranagikyo Shrine. Among these, the enormous 12-meter tall statue of Tengu is known as the largest statue of Tengu in Japan.

Address: 3-5-57 Moriyama-cho Minokamo City
Tel: 0574-26-1331(Aranagikyo Shrine Office)

③Zuirin-ji Temple

Zuirin-ji Temple has also been called "Persimmon Temple," an honorary title given by Yoshitane Ashikaga, 10th Shogun of the Muromachi Shogunate, upon the occasion of the presentation of their local specialty product, "Hachiya Dried Persimmons," This temple houses a number of cultural assets including a 481 centimeter tall wooden Maitreya Buddha statue (the Great Buddha of Hachiya.)

Address: 9-1 Kamihachiya Hachiya Minokamo City
Tel: 0574-26-1847

④Shogen-ji Temple

Established in 1330, this historic temple is well-known for strict Zen discipline. A number of famed sports personalities, economic leaders, and famous political figures have undergone Zen training at this temple.

Address: 872-2 Ibuka-cho Minokamo City
Tel: 0574-29-1369

⑤Ryouan-ji Temple

Ryouan-ji Temple is famous for the rare architectural style of its belfry gate. The old bronze bell from the 14th century, also called the "Goose Bell" (height 113 centimeters; bell diameter 60.5 centimeters), hangs from the top of the gate. This bell has been designated as a Cultural Asset of Gifu Prefecture as it represents the industrial art techniques of the late 14th century.

Address: 1776 Ibuka-cho Minokamo City
Tel: 0574-29-1379

⑥Koyama Kannon Temple

This statue of the goddess Kannon, which is enshrined at the Koyama Kannon Temple on an island on the Hida River is believed to possess protective powers. It was erected for the protection of Yoshinaka Kiso's late mother, Wakana Gozen.

Address: 223-1 Koyama Shimoyoneda-cho Minokamo City
Tel: 0574-26-9133(Shosan-ji Temple)

Nature-Based Activities in Minokamo

From the scenic plains along the Kiso and Hida Rivers, to the Yamanoue Plateau, to the deep-green, northern mountains, this area is perfect for enjoying the outdoors. The following locations are all within a 30 minute drive from the Minokamo Station


⑦Yamanoue Orchard
5km 15min. by car

⑧Minokamo Recreational
 Forest Park

8.5km 25min. by car

⑨Okuyama Nature Trail
15km 30min. by car

⑩Mt. Goten Campground
15km 35min. by car

⑪Higashiyama Park Shimoyoneda
  Cherry Forest

6km 15min. by car

⑦Yamanoue Orchard
(Yamanoue Kankou Kajuen)

Established in the early 20th century, this time-honored fruit orchard currently provides you pear-picking opportunities. The fruit-harvesting season runs from mid-August to early October. You will enjoy feeling pleasantly refreshed just being in this large hill top fruit orchard.

Address: 1093-78 Yamanoue-cho Minokamo City
Tel: 0574-25-4101
(Yamanoue Fruit Agricultural Cooperative Association - Frupia Yamanoue)
Admission: Adult(ages 13 and over)¥1,000
Child(ages 7 - 12)¥800 Infant(ages 3 - 6)¥600
Picking Seasons:[Kosui Pear Picking]Mid to late August
[20th Century Pear Picking]Early September to early October

⑧Minokamo Recreational Park and forest
(Minokamo Kenkounomori)

This enormous, 128-hectare recreational park and forest features a variety of free attractions, such as the 777 staircase observatory, roller slide, and athletic playground.
There are also barbecue facilities and a mini-golf course for family fun.

Address: 7559 Yamanoue-cho Minokamo City 
Tel: 0574-29-1108
Admission: Free 
※Paid attractions: mini-golf course, barbecue facilities 
(Advanced reservation is required.) 
Hours: 9:00 to 17:00(The park is closed at 16:00 from October to March.)
Closed: Wednesday

⑨Mt. Goten / Okuyama Nature Trail
(Gotenzan / Okuyama Shizen Yuhodou)

The Okuyama Nature Trail leads you to the top of Mt. Goten, the peak of the northern mountain region in Minokamo. Rapid streams run through the narrow gorge in the deep, mossy-green forest. Encounter spectacular waterfalls and beautiful scenery along the way.

Address: Miwa-cho Minokamo City
Tel: 0574-25-2111(Minokamo City Hall Industrial Promotion Division)

⑩Mt. Goten Campground
(Gotenzan Kyanpu-jou) 

Enjoy camping mountain climbing,and nature tail hiking at the Mt. Goten Campground, located at the foot of  Mt. Goten near Okuyama Nature Walking Trail. The campground has 6 shelters (maximum capacity:6) and 6 tent sites.

Address : Minokamo City Miwa-cho Kamitsuzuya
TEL : 090-3259-3020
(Miwa Regional Recreation Association)
Open : Day - from late April
Overnight stay - from early June to late September

⑪Shimoyoneda Cherry Forest at Higashiyama Park
(Higashiyama Shinrin Koen
Shimoyoneda Sakuranomori)

This 23-hectare park is a noted flower viewing site with a total of 5,700 flowering trees and 35 different types of plants. Weeping rosebud cherry, mountain cherry, Japanese Camellia, and Hydrangea are a few examples of flowering trees that can be seen at the park.

Address: 491-1 Norimitsu Shimoyoneda-cho Minokamo City
Tel: 0574-25-2111(Minokamo City Hall Agriculture and Forestry Division)

2018.4.28 SAT OPEN

Nakanoshima Park, where you can feel the history and nature of Minokamo City with your skin. “A park where you can both play and learn through your five senses” as its concept, along the Kiso River that conveys each season’s essence, and its’ focus being a “Port” that brings connections between people and nature transcending borders and generations. It has undergone a renewal.

Address: Minokamo City Mikado-cho 2-6-6 Parking: around 180
TEL: 0574-49-6155(Reservations) 0574-49-6717(Office)
Visitor’s Area Business Hours: 9:00a.m. ~ 5:00p.m.

Showa Period Village Theme Park has been reborn!
2018.4.8 SUN OPEN
Free Admission

New facilities like Woodland Terrace / Woodland Cafe / Footbath have been added in the entrance!
New tools and treetop equipment to be installed from autumn and onwards.

Address: Minokamo City Yamanoue-cho 2292-1 TEL: 0574-23-0066
Business Hours: 9:00a.m. – 6:00p.m.(Mar-Nov) 10:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.(Dec-Feb)
Woodland Baths 10:00a.m.-10:00p.m.
Holidays: None (Mar-Nov) Wednesdays(Dec-Feb)
*Woodland baths are always open


Summer Festival
Fireworks like Starmine, Tezutsu (hand cannon) and etc. will be launched along with a performance of the Wadaiko drums. 
The continuous launching of the Starmine at the finally is especially tremendously satisfactory.
Moreover, a Bon Odori Dance Festival is held after the launching of the fireworks.

Date: August
Place: Kisogawa Green Rhine Park

Autumn Festival
Centered on Princess Kazunomiya who was married to the 14th Shogun, Iemochi Tokugawa, a princess procession of over 100 people dressed up as the 5 princess brides of the historical shogunate, warriors and servants is held.
A crafted festival that covers you all day with a free market, stage events and a lively picturesque procession which introduces one to the world of history as its main event.

Date: October
Place: Nakasendo Ota-juku Area

For inquiries, please contact: Minokamo City Hall Industrial Promotion Division
Tel: 0574-25-2111 
Website: http://www.onsai-minokamo.com/

Dojo Hachiya Dried Persimmons
 (Dojo Hachiya-gaki)

In 2007, Dojo Hachiya Persimmons were nominated for the "Ark of Taste" established by Slow Food.
in 2010, Dojo Hachiya Persimmons received the “True Goods from True Places” certification.
in 2017, they were granted the Geographical Indication Rights Protection Act.
It is said that Dojo (noble) Hachiya Dried Persimmons have a history of over 1,000 years and were offered to members of the imperial court and successive shogunates. Dojo Hachiya Persimmons received the gold medal prize at the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition.
Contact Information: 0574-25-2902 (JA Megumino Hachiya Branch)

How to Get to Minokamo City Using Public Transportation

From Nagoya
Take the JR Wide View Hida Limited Express from Nagoya to Minoota. - 40 min.
Take the Meitetsu Limited Express from Nagoya to Unuma, transfer to
the JR Takayama Main Line bound for Minoota. - 40 min.

From Centrair
Take the Meitetsu Limited Express from Centrair to Unuma,
transfer to the JR Takayama Main Line bound for Minoota - 1 hour 10 min.

How to Get to Minokamo City by Car
Take the Tokai Ring Expressway, exit at Minokamo
Take the Meishin Expressway, exit at Komaki, and then take Route 41 to Minokamo - 30 min.

Taxi Information
Shinota Taxi Co., Ltd.  
TEL 0574-25-2145
Gifu Kotsu Co., Ltd. 
TEL 0574-26-0101

Address: 3431-1 Ota-cho Minokamo City, Gifu prefecture 505-8606